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    enumerate with blank eeprom ok but fail when download BulkLoop.hex

      1)Hardware enviroment


       Our board use CY7C68013A as synchronouse slave fifo, and a fpga as master.


      CY7C68013A's CLKOUT at 12MHz, and FPGA's PLL use as input, output 40Mhz as CY7C68013A's IFCLK.


      EEPROM is blank.


      2)firmware and modification


      use Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Firmware\Bulkloop example,  and only modify BulkLoop.c as follow:




         // CPUCS = ((CPUCS & ~bmCLKSPD) | bmCLKSPD1) ;


         // CPUCS = (CPUCS & ~bmCLKSPD) |bmCLKSPD0; //24MHz


          CPUCS = CPUCS & ~bmCLKSPD ;  //12MHz CLKOUT




         // set the slave FIFO interface to 48MHz


         //IFCONFIG |= 0x40;


         IFCONFIG = 0x03; //slave fifo, sync, external


      3)host pc


         windows 7 32bit. 


         Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7



           4)Running result   
            When board first plug in, enumerate ok. We can find Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP No EEPROM(   
            Use Cyconsole download BulkLoop.hex to CY7C68013A, re enumerate fail.   
            We can only find a "Unknown Device" in windows device manager. In the device property, can't find anything   
            about VID and PID.    
            We run bus hound, can capture the first enumerate, but no packet about the second enumerate.   
          Any tip will be wellcome.   
          Thanks a lot!