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    PSoC 3-5 Component Design Contest

       Hi people,


      The 1st component design contest ended last monday. We have got 4 submissions for the design contest. We people here at cypress, have looked in to the design and tested it. I will be submitting all the 4 components, here on the forum. 


      I request the folllowers of this forum, to take a look at each of these design and vote for the best deisgn. To take a look at the specification of the design, please look in to the link below,




      The 4 designs are numbered, if you consider that a particular design deserves the 1st place, please vote for it by just writing the Number.


      Please look in to all the deisgns and give a honest voting. The winner will be decided based on cypress engineers suggestions and also on the followers vote






      Rahul Ram