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    EndPoint Reset function return problem with SDK V1.21

        I'v upgraded  from Firmware version 1.0 to 1.21 to fix I2C write return problem. The i2c problem disappered and everything seems OK, but one problem occured.


      The problem is that it takes too long time to return from endpoint reset function.


      I only changged board firmware and tested with both API and driver version. What do i need to check in firmware source.


      The parts of my source code is shown below.


        bRet = pInEndpt  = gpUSBDevice->EndPoints[2];
         bRet = pInEndpt->TimeOut = 2000;


        bRet =  pInEndpt->Abort(); 
        bRet =  pInEndpt->Reset();      // it takes arond 3 second to return FALSE with Frimware V1.21
      // it returns TRUE  immediately with v1.0


      Thanks in advance.