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      Hello All,


      If I load the default configuration file provided by Cypress (when I installed the drivers) from the directory C:\Cypress\USB\CY4605-HX2LP\1.0\Software\Config_file\2_port.iic for CY7C65620 into the CY7C65630 part, will it function correctly?


      Since CY7C65620 is 2-port hub and when the same config file is loaded into a 4-port hub part, will only 2 ports be enabled?


      If a config file has already been loaded into a device using Primer.exe, how can I load different config file into the same device. When I use Blaster.exe to do a Read From EEPROM, I get a message " Cannot Open Device" and I cannot erase the EEPROM also using the blaster application.


      Thank you for the support.

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                Yes, Only two ports will be enabled.   
                 The device needs to be bound to "Cypress USB Hub Manufacturing driver", available in C:\ProgramFiles\Cypress\CY4606-HX2LP RDK\Software\Driver,for accessing through Blaster.