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    CYUSB API upgrade USB2.0 -> 3.0 questions

      I'm in the process of upgrading a product that's been running on an older version of CYUSB.dll that interfaces with an FX3.


      I am concurrently doing this with a driver upgrade and going through the process of driver-signing for x64. Since I'm jumping through the code-signing hopps, I want to use the latest version of drivers for product. 


      However, I have some questions about the development path taken for CyUSB.dll C# API and Cyusb.sys drivers as they were released for FX3/USB3.0 compatability. The naming conventions and versioning between the 2.0 and 3.0 packages does not jive nor are there any indications of how 3.0 was branched from 2.0 or if development of 2.0 is finished. ("Suite USB 3.4.7" vs "USBSuite 1.2.1") So far, everything in the newest 3.0 library/driver package seems to be working with my FX2.


      However, I just want to make sure that any FX2 related driver & API improvements will ocurr with the "new 3.0" package and not the old one. (ie. is development of "Suite USB" over?) Also, was the code-base for "USBSuite" based off of the original "Suite USB 3.4.7"?


      I have a complex application here and want to make sure that by choosing "USBSuite 1.2.1" I will not be introducing any issues/bugs that had already been fixed.