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    Counter Reload



      Is it possible to create a 16bit up or down counter that can be stopped at any value and loaded with a new value?



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          With the UDB counter such a operation should be possible. You can configure the counter for up/down mode, With Counter_WriteCompare you can set the compare value. This compare value goes high after a clock cycle. 


          You can also have interrupt attached to interrupt out of counter. On interrupt you can write a new period, new compare value as well as stop the counter in the isr. 

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            Hi pyrosonic,




            You can also use the feature of "Reload Counter" to initialize the Counter in hardware (without the CPU intervention) upon conditions such as Capture, Compare Match or upon Terminal Count.




            -Gautam Das

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              It is very much possible with the creation of a custom component using the verilog and datapath. It would consume the same amount of resource as that of the counter component in the creator infact. I don't understand how the compare feature of a counter would solve this.