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    how can i use to i2c between bmi160 sensor and BCM20732?

      how can i use to i2c between bmi160 sensor and BCM20732(EV Board)?

      Development Environment: WICED-Smart-SDK 1.1

      BMI 160 connection
      - Power : 1.8V power line connected to VDD, VDDIO of bmi160 sensor
      - I2C :  R5, R4 connection
      - Interrupt pin : P25, P24 connection

      I was refer to i2c_temperature_sensor simple source and "WICED-Smart-Hardware-Interfaces.pdf"  for bmi160 sensor I2C implementation.
      I ues cfa_bsc_OpExtended function for I2C.
      I saw the message(No slave device with this address exists on the I2C bus.).
      bmi160 sensor i2c address is 0x68.
      Our hw team say that sensor connection is no problem.
      but i can not use cfa_bsc_OpEtended function for i2c.
      cfa_bsc_OpEtended function normally operated when i use I2C address of EEPROM(0xA1,0xA0).
      I need  additional work for I2C when I added device(bmi160 sensor)?

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