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    SPI boot failing at low temperatures?


      We have noticed some issues with booting the FX3 at low temperatures.  We have the CYUSB3014-BZXI on a product which uses an I2C bootloader that is loading correctly from a 24FC256-I/SN.  Note thtat all other parts on the board are also rated for the full industrial temperature range.  This bootloader looks to the attached SPI Flash (Micron N25Q128A11B1240E) for a larger boot image.




      At room temperatures, this process has worked fine.  The SPI image is loaded and boots the FX3.  The device correctly enumerates.




      At low temperatures (approaching 0C), the bootloader fails to retrieve the image from SPI.  Upon failure, it is designed to enumerate as its own device and can accept very limited instructions.




      These have been field failures so far and not evaluated in the lab just yet.  We don't have too much information yet but wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this.