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    CY8kit-050 self upgrade to LP possible?




      I have a CY8kit-050 and while I have made a request for an upgrade, I've been wondering if I can't do the upgrade myself.


      I haven't verified this myself yet but from what I understand the 5LP is pin compatible with the 5, so all I'd have to do is remove the "old" PSOC5 and solder a new 5LP onto my board.


      From what I've seen the new CY8kit-050LP comes with the CY8C5868AXI-LP035.


      Is the board of the new CY8KIT-050LP still the same just with the new 5LP chip or have there been any modifications to make the board compatible with the new chip?

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          Looking at the two manuals side by side I see -




          1) Differences in BOM


          2) Protection circuit on USB discussed in LP board, not discussed in non LP


          3) Layout differences.




          So looks like there are some changes.




          You mike contract Mark Ainsworth, mkea@cyporess.com, and ask that question,


          then post back on this thread for benefit of forum.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Have you been able to do it?


            I also wish you could just swap uC. I would request a kit upgrade but shipping and taxes kill the deal for my starving student pocket.

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              Well thanks for the replies so far. I got a code to swap my board and requested the new one... the shipping costs are still more expensive than ordering just a new chip but I decided to get the new kit anyways.


              I guess I'll first have to go through the documentation for both kits to see what exactly has changed so I can decide if these changes are mandatory for the new chip to work. Of course I could just order a new 5LP, put it on the old board and see what happens but I don't want to fry the chip just for a silly experiment.


              Anyways I'll let you know if I make the decision to give this a try and the possible results...

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                I finally sent the mail to Mark and got a reply within 30 minutes with the following info:






                I have not personally done it, but I checked around with some of my fellow Cypress applications engineers, and they have successfully done it, just by replacing the chip.




                I checked the cost for a single CY8C5868AXI-LP035 and it's $20 with free shipping. Considering that the free replacement board is $35 for shipping, you save a good $15 by doing the replacement yourself.    


                However you need a hot air station (or ChipQuick SMD removal tool) to remove the chip and good soldering skills to put in the new chip, so for most users the free replacement is the better option. Plus according to the BOM the 050LP comes with the breadboard installed which you had to buy externally for the 050 board.



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                  Hmm - 20$ is low enough for not paying custom fees in Germany (for anything below 21€ there are no custom fees here). So this seems like a viable alternative to updating the board...