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    Syntax Error in Bridge Control Panel



      I'm evaluating the CY3280-BK1 CapSense Basic Kit 1. The PSoC Designer and PSoC Programmer work with the CY3280-20x34 properly. But I have a problem with Bridge Control Panel. I have loaded the file CY3280-20x34.iic. The connection with the I²CUSB bridge works but when I click Send with 'Send all strings' ticked I allways get the error message "Script has syntax error! First error: [Line=12:Position=6]".


      These are the only two lines in the file:

      W 04 00 00 R 04 @Sensor_Index @1RawCount @0RawCount @1Baseline @0Baseline @ButtonStatus @SliderPosition

      Line 12, Position 6 is where the @ of @Sensor_Index begins.


      I use an older notebook with Win XP. The Bridge Control Panel Software Verision is


      On the board there is the standard CY3280_20x34_SLM flashed.




      Do you have any idea?