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    Staring Components


      Hi, i have a problem with a opamp:


      when i don't starting the amp with "opam_start();" in my initialization function there's no problem and it works fine,


      but if i do including the "opam_start();" the amp don't works. Which components do i have to start explicit with..._start() and which starts automatically?


      Thank you


      Im using the Creator 2.1 Pack 4.

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          I tried this, and start is required.




          You typed "opam_start();", is your Opamp component named opam, or


          is it named "Opamp" or is it named "Opamp_1" ?




          The start commands would look like (associated with above names) -












          Capitaization matters.




          Regards, Dana.

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            but it seems that this is not the problem. Shouldn't the complier gives a error message, if i do mistakes like this?


            Which Konfiguration has the opamp (and other components too) if i dont start him explicit (with..._Start();),


            because then it runs quit good!? I could leave it like this but it concerns me a little bit.

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              Most analog  modules and half the digital ones need a Start() - command. Best is to peep into the datasheet, section APIs where the initially necessary calls are listed first.





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                Modules that need a Start() are not working correctly as long as they are not initialized. Their default state is powered off. When you mis-spelled an API you will be informed by the compiler, as you said.


                To give us the chance to check your complete settings will you please use the "Create Workspace Bundle" (minimal) and upload the resulting archieve here. This may clarify everything for us.





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                  hmm , for me it seems like the opamp is only starting when i add no API-code, if i a add the code he do nothing?

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                    The "Trigger " is for flashing an LED, on the opamp is an photodiode - it works fine untill i uncommend line:


                        //Mess_Opamp_Start();    //Here's the Problem!?


                    Thanks for help

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                      The inside of the PSoC looks OK.


                      what is connected to the 3 pins, any feedback on the OPA1-pins externally?





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                        Looks like you are going to use OpAmp for a TIA, so why not use a TIA from Creator ?













                        Regards, Dana.

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                          Note, you may be able to take enough G in TIA to eliminate PGA, which would


                          enhance noise performance as well.




                          Regards, Dana.

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                            I built your design in 2.2 and it compiled properly with Mess_Opamp_Start();




                            Regards, Dana.

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                              Of course i could use a TIA but i need the blocks for Sample&Holds. The opamp with external resistor works fine, untill i start the amp with ..._Start()...?

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                                Ordinarily I would recommend you post as a tech case at -








                                “Technical Support”


                                “Create a Case”




                                but where it compiled w/o error in 2.2 you might consider updating


                                to 2.2. I looked at release notes for 2.2 to see if some applicable


                                error was fixed, found none, but did not look at 2.1 known errors,


                                you might look at that.




                                Regards, Dana.



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                                  You can always juggle blocks, by making S/H out of OpAmp as hold


                                  cap buffer, 2 in mux, one channel input, other ground to reset cap,


                                  output to cap, cap external. Downside is eats up pins, upside longer


                                  hold times, less droop.




                                  Just a thought if using internal TIA was more robust solution.




                                  Regards. Dana.

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