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    Issue on startup

      Hi everybody,



      I have an issue, I haven't succeeded to solve it during my working day. ( i'm french)


      I attend a sandwich course and for my project I'm working on a Cypress CY38C3246 PVI 122 ( psoc 3).


      I can program it without problem With a miniprog3 


      But, because there is a "but", once my Cypress is turned off during a few seconds an issue gets happened. 


      Though my board is supplied, I must shortcircuit Xres with Vcc to start my cypress.



      In situation:


      I have connected a LED to show me that my board works.


      I supply my board and the light of the LED is very weak and fix. It should blink because I have coded that.


      When I shortcircuit xres on Vcc manualy, the LED blinks, it is the evidence that the Cypress works.



      Does Someone have  an idea? 



      Thanks in advance.


      Antoine G.