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    SuperSpeed interoperability with USB 3.0 controllers

      Hey folks...


      We've got several PCs here with various USB 3.0 controllers.  ASMedia and NEC as well as a new Z77-based PC with the controller integrated into the chipset.


      We have varying levels of success with the FX3 coming up SuperSpeed on these.  Most PCs run Win7-64, although we've also tried Win7-32 and have a Win8 (Customer Preview) desktop.  The Z77 appears to work fine.  The others are a bit confused.


      They all work when the FX3 comes up as a USB 2.0 host.  Upon renumeration, however, the devices sometimes never come up.  Sometimes come up after several (20+) seconds.  This is with all sorts of cable lengths from 1m to 3m.  Our USB 3.0 memory sticks come up reliably on all.


      Has anyone else experienced such a varying level of success getting the FX3 to enumerate as SuperSpeed?  Any known pitfalls?  We'd expect a REALLY hard time with our customers if this was common among them.


      Note that these issues persist with our own device board as well as the Cypress DVK.

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