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    Hardware build time compilation directives?

      I tend to want to build in test (BIT) sections to my projects, allowing quick confirmation of large sections of the hardware and software.


      To date - I've done this with software directives and "if" statements.


      I'm wondering if there is a way to set a (hardware) complier directive to "build" internal "loopbacks".


      For example - I have a section which creates via DAC output of "recorded" data, so I can check the rest of the data acquisition, processing, and communication.


      The (analog) hardware output is "looped back" (via BNC cable) to the analog input - allowing "full system" checkout.


      Is there any way to create a "hardware compile time" directive which "connects' (via DSI) that DAC output to the input - allowing check without physical access to the box / board?