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    Two SDKs installation



      Can we install two different versions of FX3 SDKs on same developement PC?





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          No. You will have to uninstall the previous version and install the new one.







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              While "no" may be the official line from Cypress, we do this quite successfully...




              msiexec /a path-to-msi /qb TARGETDIR=target-folder




              This command will allow you to extract the contents of the FX3-SDK.msi files.  Depending on how you've setup your Eclipse environments for your projects, you can shuffle things around.  In c:/Cypress, we keep multiple versions of the SDK so that we can test various things out among them.  The default Eclipse projects for the samples are setup to refer to "C:/Cypress/FX3 SDK".  We just keep the others there and rename them as necessary for testing.




              For production releases, we actually vault the FX3 includes and libraries within our source control and our Eclipse libraries are setup to build from the SDK in the source control repository -- not the Cypress/FX3 SDK folder.

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                That is really good information Jake.


                I followed your steps but I did not see the extracted files.


                Am I doing something wrong.


                Please see the command in the attached figure.




                sai krishna.