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    USB Audio & Vendor Specific Interfaces chipset


        Hi everyone


      I'm looking for a chipset that will work as in Device mode, and provide an AUDIO interface and a vendor specific interface at the same time.


      So possibly some programmable USB chipset which could provide the Audio endpoints and send the audio packets to an ADC (external or built in, doesn't matter) and at the same time provide a vendor specific interface with one INT IN Endpoint and BULK IN and BULK OUT endpoints.


      The vendor specific interface is just used for basic instructions to the host such as track selection and play/pause.


      The Audio interface needs to support:

      • 16-bit linear PCM
      • 44100 and 48000 Hz sample rates



      Is there a cypress USB part that could do this? I am very familiar with PSoC 3 and 5 and would consider using them too.