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    Creator 2.1 mis-behaving


      That is a really nice one: in the way of creating a new component I suddenly can see that the timer component behaves unusually. Normally when a clock is given in the configuration dialog the expected period is calculated and shown.


      When I place my component (which contains a timer as well) on the sheet this doesn't work and an unknown clock source is reported instead.


      To verify this, open the attached project, see that no period is calculated for the timer, cut out the Keypad component, verify that the timer now shows a calculated period, paste the component........... and so on.




      Oh, and another typo: when hovering with the mouse in the schematic view over the "T" for a the text-tool the hint talks about annotation component  and asks me to click on the text (instead on the button). A bit off.




      Happy correcting



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          your timer / assigned clock issue will be added to our defect tracking and handled  by the PSoC Creator design team



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                 I have an application, which is working properly using PSoC3. But, now I moved from Creator 1.0 to Creator 2.1 and I have a Warning, which I do not understand, and which I have not before, when I used Creator 1.0.




            This warning is due to the fact that the maximal frequency of the CyMASTER_CLK is 31.855 MHz for the PSoC3.  However, for the USB communication I have to set the Master_Clk to 48 MHz. (I am using the same setting as the Clocks Configuration Wizard showed on Figure 62 in the AN 56377) Now, if I add a new Clock IP to my TopDesign, which has IMO clock (with 24 Mhz frequency) as its source clock. Then I receive the Warning-1366: “Setup time violation found in a path from clock”. The application is still OK, but I do not understand the reason of this new Warning. 

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               We had simliar problem when upgraded to 2.0. Just like you the report is very detail but had no clue how to remove the warnings. Had raised a case with Cypress and got it resolved. 


              We are still using the 2.0 as we have new warnings switching from 2.0 to 2.1. Shall change it to 2.1 when we have time.


              I wish Cypress would provide some kind of sugeestion when issue these warnings during building of code. So we can solve that ourselves.

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                This clock settings compiled with no warnings for a CY8C3866AXI-40 and a USBFS component.





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                  Well, using this setting I have not warnings. But the USB communication fails time to time.

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                    I assume, when the clock setting is correct there might be another issue.





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                      I have an application, which is working properly using PSoC Creator 2.0. But, now I moved from Creator 2.0 to Creator 2.1 and I have Problems, which I have not before, when I used Creator 2.0.


                      ADD: sdb.M0059: error: Error in component: Slave_CAN. The CAN (Slave_CAN) component is not supported on the PSoC 5 device.


                      Error: cdf.M0005: CyDsFit aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rerun CyDsFit. (App=cydsfit)

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                         PSoC5 TM doesn't support CAN controller in it. You need to move to PSoC5 LP (CY8C56 and CY8C58 families) for using CAN.