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    Identification of A0/A1 firmware on BCM20732S (SIP not SoC)


      I am testing the BCM20732S and I am wondering how can I identify if the firmware running is a A1 or A0 just by looking at the documentation.


      I am not able to program an application with SDK2.x on the BCM20732S, so this means to me that I have a A0 firmware. I am not able to get any other confirmation looking at the documentation. The part number on the datasheet of the BCM20732S does not reflect the information.


      Last point, if I dig into the SDK2.0.1 I do see in the changelog.txt file a branch that is created for BCM20732A1, BCM20736A1 and BCM20737A1 SoCs. This means we can have a BCM20732A1 SoC as well.


      The question is: how can I identify if the BCM20732S (SIP) is burnt with the A0 or A1 ROM? How can we order a BCM20732S personalized with A1 instead of A0?


      Thanks for clarification!