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      What is actual use of ICE CUBE DEBUGGER? What is issues with new kit?

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          I'm using constantly my ICE-Cube to debug my PSoC1 projects and hve not found an issue so far.


          Since there is no special hardware within the PSoC1 chip as opposed to PSoC3 or 5 there is no inherent debug capability. Some PSoC1 chips are designed with such a hardware and connect directly to the ICE without using a pod. This can be seen when the PSoC1 processor module of the KIT-001 is used.


          ICE debugging enables us programmers to halt execution at any point within the progran, inspect or set variables and even get a trace buffer display of the last few hundred instructions. This eliminates the need of having a display connected to the PSoC and watching the output to debug or to tune the system.




          Happy coding



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            Hi BOB,


            Thank u. I will try for ICE debug.



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              This video and application note might help -








              Regards, Dana.