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    'How to debug PSoC 1' explained - new Videos


      Hi All,




      Here are some great videos by Ganesh Raaja that provides a step-by-step guide on how to debug your PSoC 1 device.




      Video covers the basics of PSoC 1 debugging, the hardware needed to build the debugging system, and how to connect the debugger to your target device. The second video shows how you can use the integrated debugging environment in the PSoC Designer software to debug your program.




      The videos can be found in the PSoC 1 Debugger page : CY3215-DK In-Circuit Emulation Development Kit




      or on Youtube - http://youtu.be/WNYzDEpqacU  and  http://youtu.be/HwNbLpooDQs




      Have fun debugging!