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    PSoC World Videos Go Live in the CDC Video Library


      One month following the successful PSoC World Virtual Conference, we have shared the Auditorium NS training sessions. These videos can be found under the PSoC tab in the Video Library. PSoC World boasted more than 4,600 attendees and now its content is available to all those who missed it or would just like to see it again. Below is a list of the PSoC 1 and general videos that are now available.




      PSoC Designer 5.3: What’s New?     



      PSoC Design Methodology
      The PSoC Ecosystem
      PSoC World Panel
      Introduction to the PSoC Solution for Power Supervision
      PSoC Solutions for Temperature Sensing and Control
      PSoC Solutions for Home Appliance
      Enabling Wireless M2M Connectivity
      PSoC Solution for Power Supervision: Advanced Training
      Advanced PSoC Solutions Temperature Sensing and Control
      PSoC 5LP Analog Design


      If you have any questions, feel free to post your queries below.     





           -            Tatyana Kantor (tkan@cypress.com)