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            I am using CY8C3866AXI-040 chip of PSOC for my project....till now i worked on its development kit....but now i am planning to remove the chip from development kit and plan to mount it on the PCB which i am going to design.....but the problem is i am  unable to understand the amount of voltage have to give through its VDD pins...


      Can any one please say...whats the amount of voltage is sufficient to make my chip work without get damaged...


      I mean...whats the voltage have to give through the pins


      VDDD, VDDA, VDDio0, VDDio1, VDDio2, VDDio3, VCCa, VCCd......and how can we identify it?


      If i give +5V to all the above mentioned pins, does it create any problem?


      Note: In My project, All the peripherals that are needed to interface to PSoC3 are working with +5V and all are digital...




      Thank you.