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    Help with first project (image sensor board)

       Hi there, 


      I'm new to psoc (always worked with Pics) and would like to attempt my first project which I need some help with. My plan is to develop a machine vision camera with the Vita 1300 image sensor from On Semi (which I believe started life as a Cypress product). The first phase will be a plug in board for the Psoc5 development kit which I already have. I've read the data sheet for the image sensor which on the face of it all seems relatively straightforward. I'm going for the 10 bit parallel output version rather than the high speed dvls version. I've also been looking at the various psoc components I would need to interface with the sensor. I want to keep it simple to start off with by just capturing an image and sending it the a PC over a serial link.


      My first question is a general one..... is Psoc5 a good choice for an application of this type?


      The second is more specific.... how would I implement the 10 bit parallel output interface from the sensor? I've looked on this forum and the Web and can't find an example of how this is done. I read that the shift register component can be used but can't figure out how you link it to the physical pins!


      Any expert thoughts would be much appreciated. 



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          You would use the EMIF compoent -








          I would advise you carefully examine timing, the effective data rate you are looking for is


          ~ 8MB/s.




          Other considerations, as long as you are offloading recognition, compression,


          PSOC 5 would be appropriate. PSOC 5 would not be appropriate to do any of


          this real time.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Hi Dada     



            Thanks for your reply.    





            I presume you mean that I should use the EMIF component to interface to a memory chip of some sort?    



            When I drag the component into the design window, it says 'Obsolete' on it! Does that mean it's been superseded by something else?     



            My main question is still how to implement the parallel interface to receive the pixel data from the image sensor.    





            Regards, Ben     


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              OK, I just figured it out.    



              You just connect the 10 parallel lines the a single port in the right order, then read the port.