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    Compiling problems with AN75779 example




      I'm starting to discover the FX3 programation and I have encountered some problems.


      I want to program a frame grabber that will get the input of my omnivision camera and send it via usb 3.0.


      I use the AN75779 to guide me through this, even if I know this is an outdated document (SDK 1.1). 


      I use the 1.2 firmware called cyfxuvcinmem. 




      When loading this project, I had quite a number of errors. 


      - uint8_t and such not recognized


      -NULL not recognized


      - Bad input for some #include


      I think that I fixed those.




      Yet I still have some problems


      - A lot of constants are not known 


      in cyu3uart.c:


      CyU3PMutexCreate (&glUartLock, CYU3P_NO_INHERIT);


      in cyfxuvcinmem.c:




      status = CyU3PDmaChannelGetBuffer (&glChHandleUVCStream,                &dmaBuffer, CYU3P_WAIT_FOREVER);




      CYU3P_NO_TIME_SLICE,         /* No time slice for the application thread */


      CYU3P_AUTO_START             /* Start the Thread immediately */






      in cyfxtx.c:


      CyU3PDmaBufMgr_t glBufferManager = {{0}, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};


      status = CyU3PByteAlloc (&glMemBytePool, (void **)&ret_p, size, CYU3P_NO_WAIT);




      Have I forgotten an include or something? Thanks for the help