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    GPIF2 Interface for USBHost


      We are trying to the USB Host mode by using Our Control board and Cypress CYUSB3KIT-001.

      The Flash Memory is situated in Our Control board. So for implementing USB Host mode by using Our Control board and Cypress CYUSB3KIT-001, there must be an interface between Our Control board and Cypress CYUSB3KIT-001. (For sending contents of Flash data from Our Control board to Cypress CYUSB3KIT-001).

      But in USBHost example Application, there is not any GPIF2 interface.

      So I tried to copy the GPIF2 portion of Slave async fifo Example Application into the USBHost Example Application.

      Exactly I copied the function CyU3PGpifLoad() into CyFxApplInit(). With the addition of this function, the USBHost exampl;e application is getting hanged.

      Whether USBHost application example with GPIF2 interface (if it is async slave fifo, that would be best ) available?

      Or How can I combine USBHost example application and GPIF interface?


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          Hi Sajeevan,


          It should be possible. I can say that you are doing the right thing by combining Slave FIFO and USB host firmware into a single firmware project.


          Unfortunately, we don't have any readily available example to share with you.


          Please create a tech support case to get help on integrating GPIF II and USB host.


          Meanwhile, I would like to create one sample project for you.




          Sai Krishna.

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            Hi Sai Krishna,




            Thank You very much for Your Support.


            I have already created a Technical Support case and being in contact with them.


            Expecting Your maximum support in this case, because if this is OK, we would be able to replace Our Old USB2.0 system, which is having Host mode also.







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              Dear Sai Krishna,




              After a break, again I am going to work on this matter.


              Our requirement is as follows:


              Currently for almost all our projects we are using SL811HS controller.


              It has both Device and Host modes, but is Full speed only. Also it is going to be obsolete within next 10 years.


              We want a new USB controller instead of our old Cypress SL811HS.


              It should have both Host and Slave modes. It should work in OTG mode also ( same USB port, switching between Device and Host modes ).


              By considering the future,  we are planning to provide Super speed also.


              So by all means our selection is Super speed USB controller from Cypress, which is CYUSB3014.


              But the factor which is troubling us in this selection is definitely the lack of support for the Host mode. For us both the Device mode and Host mode are important.


              Was there any progress on this matter ?


              Is a single software which supports both Host mode and GPIF interface is available now.


              Your feedback will be important for us taking a decision in finding out our future USB controller.












              Thanks and Regards,




              Assistant Manager R&D,


              Medha Servo Drivers Pvt Ltd,


              Hyderabad, India


              Mob: 919849516161