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    Unreliable debugging connection

       I've an ICE CUBE connected to the CY3274 (CPU: CY8CPLC20) through the RJ45 connector.


      Unfortunately I'm finding the debugger very unstable. 


      On one machine (running Windows XP inside a virtual machine), PSoC Designer simply doesn't go beyond the download: after I download the image to the board, it says "Preparing to run..." and stays like that forever.


      I tried on another machine (Windows 7) and I got something better here. I got the PC to stop at the:


          jmp __Start


      after downloading the image.


      Unfortunately the debugger appear to jump back to that location (0x0000) once in a while...


      Only few times after several resets I managed the PC to hit one of my breakpoint (that were simply few lines after main), but any attempt to do a step, managed to go back to 0x0000.


      Any idea why? Any suggestions?




      - I'm using PSoC Designer 5.3 with all the tools freshly installed (in this new Windows 7 machine).


      - I'm not using watchdog, just a simple project created from scratch from PSoC Designer 7


      Any help/idea is appreciated!



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          If you have done all the obvious things, like noise suppression,


          good bypassing (polymer tanatalums best for bulk), then consider


          filing a tech case at -












          “Technical Support”


          “Create a Case”




          Re noise, use DSO on infinite persistence and look at supply rails and


          pins like XRES, supply rails, GPIO, etc.




          Regards, Dana.