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       Hi all,


      I'm looking for some starting point and some documents to read to do the following. Let me explain the setup first.

      I have a board that has a PSOC, temp sensor and a current sensor.

      I am going to have 24+ of these in a broad setup. It will be connected to the PC through a single COM PORT. I want the PSOC to spit out a table to the user, so that the user can set the PSOC according to his requirements. It can either be on hyperterminal, terra-term or MATLAB.

      As the end user is not technical I don’t want them to do any programming. So I want to just give them a list of pre-defined commands and so that the user can use only that.

      The PSOC should store that information and then implement based on that information.

      At least for now the information that we are getting back from the PSOC is the current measurement and the temperature from the board. The data rate will be less than 100kb/s, as we just want it from time to time just to check if it is doing what we set it to do.

      This is what I want the PSOC to do and how it is setup.

      So I would like to know if there is any material that might be helpful in this scenario, I will greatly appreciate it. Currently I'm looking for a starting point to implement this setup.