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    How to join an ap quickly?



           1.compile with customer dct include ap ssid and password.

           2. call wiced_network_up( WICED_STA_INTERFACE, WICED_USE_EXTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER, NULL );

           we find module need about 5 times retries to join ap.how to join an ap quickly?


      add printf in wiced_join_ap.


            join_result = wiced_wifi_join_specific( &temp_scan_result, (uint8_t*) ap->security_key, ap->security_key_length, NULL );

            printf("join specific details join_result=%d\r\n",join_result);


              /* If join-specific failed, try scan and join AP */

             join_result = wiced_wifi_join( (char*) ap->details.SSID.val, ap->details.security, (uint8_t*) ap->security_key, ap-                                         >security_key_length, NULL );

             printf("try scan and join AP =%d\r\n",join_result);



      join specific details join_result=6

      try scan and join AP =6