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    EP_PKT_SIZE parameter mystery birth


      I am hacking code from BMM_USB_KIT-001. There does not appear to be a definition or #define for EP_PKT_SIZE anywhere in the main.c file or the Key.c file and yet that project builds just fine. When I cut and paste that code into my project, I get an error during the build that says it (EP_PKT_SIZE) is undefined.


      When I define it as a uint16 (per the datasheet for the USBFS_LoadInEP(); API)(and assign 8 as the value, I can get most of the project working (actually, everything I have looked at so far)...


      BUT, Would someone tell me why I had to define it?OR, tell me where I should have looked in the BMM code?


      Thanks a TON!


      Tim Miner (aka TDGM)