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    RTC Write

      Dear All,




      My problem is that when I change year to even value my RTC(CY14C064I)


       update stops.


      When I assign odd value of year the RTC(CY14C064I) update continues


      I tried to solve this problem this whole day but still I am struct with the problem .

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           Hello Habibi, This behavior seems strange. As long as year value is in BCD format and a valid year, this should not be an issue. Can you please share the even value (which fails to update) and the odd value (which passes) which you are testing and observing this. Also please let me know what year value does it update to when you set an odd year. Is it possible to share dump of RTC register both in failing and passing conditions.  Also please confirm whether the RTC timings are updating correctly or not? Thanks, Shivendra,