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    problem in programming kit-001


      there is a problem in programming kit-001 , non of the module is getting programmed. i have checked all its jumper setting and project setting but still i m not able to prgrame it. Can anyone help me with it. please help me as soon as possible since i have to subbmit my project after 10 days. please reply me soon

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          If you are win 8 try this -








          Programming PSoC using Programmer on Windows 8 - KBA85688


           Question: How to install PSoC Programmer and drivers on Windows 8?






          Kindly follow this procedure to program your PSoC device with Windows 8 OS:-


          1)      Upgrade your Programmer to 3.17 from the link “http://www.cypress.com/?rID=38050&source=header”. 


          2)      This step is based on the type of OS:-






          a.      If your Windows is 32 bit then download “drivers_32bit.zip” file in your computer. Unzip this file and copy folder “drivers” at location “C:\Program Files\Cypress\Programmer\3.17\”.




          b.      If your Windows is 64 bit then download “drivers_64bit.zip” file in your computer. Unzip this file and copy folder “drivers” at location “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\3.17\”.






          3)      Go inside the folder “drivers” which you have copied and run the “driver.bat” file. 


          4)      Plug-in MiniProg3 in the USB port of the PC, you should be able to see it in device manager. 


          5)      And you will be able to program you devices now.


          Regards, Dana.

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            To help you out of that, we need some more information:


            Windows version


            Connection Made with the Miniprog3 and ribbon-cable ?


            Is the Miniprog3 recognized, blinking, any lights?


            What settings do you use under (Tools->Options->Program/Debug->Port Configuration->Miniprog3


            Waht device are you now (I know you tried more than one) trying to program (Full CY8C-number)


            Which version of creator are you running.





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              Here is link to Win 7 and below -








              Ignore comments on this page about Win8.




              Here is a thread for drivers for Win8 -








              Regards, Dana.