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    Engineering Design Services With Speciality in Broadcom BLE Firmware + Hardward

      Hi All!


      This is a general post for anyone looking for freelance designers that specialize in BLE and WiFi. I have Hardware/Firmware/Embedded experience from Apple, Intel, IBM, and HP. I have a Computer Engineering degree from Georgia Tech. I have had product contributions in Intel Core i (Sandybridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell), iPad (1st generation), iPhone (3GS), HP Photosmart printers, and Macbook product lines. I have a full portfolio and working PCBs that I can demo with the BCM20736S. I have firmware coded. I have hardware layouts for accelerometers, speakers, buzzers, vibrators, temperature sensors, thermocouples, ambient light sensing, angular rate (inertia) sensors, motor controllers, magnetometers, and more.


      I can give quotes in single units or quantity that include the assembly process within 36 hours (I have already created the supply chain for you on the board build up). I can deliver up to 10k boards with a 35 day lead time through my vendor. 


      I attached a resume. You are welcome to look me up on LinkedIn (George Melcer) and my portfolio at (www.getthegizmo.com). I can provide references for the quality of my work along with in-person/video demos.


      Feel free to send me an email at george@boxunfolded.com.


      Thank You and Looking Forward,