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    MultiApp Bootloader - Full Protected Bootloadable



      I'am using the MultiApp Bootloader on PSoC5 and the transfer of a Bootloadable works fine.


      I can full-protect the Bootloader to prevent a external read and an internal write in flash. So far..


      Now i want to protect the first Bootloadable to make sure that it can be overwritten be another Bootable afterwards.


      I can only field-protect in the Bootloader the area in the flash for the first image. When i full-protect the area i can not load the Bootable. Of course..


      When i try to full-protect the supposed area in the Bootables Flash Security it is still possible to read out the flash in the PSoc Programmer. In addition to that the Flash Security Data shows still unprotected rows.


      Is it possible to full-protect the a Bootable flash by using the Bootloader?


      I attached to files.