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    PIB interrupts

       I have a design with a USB OUT sending data to a p-port consumer. Its in auto dma mode. I decided to add the PIB interrupt code from the Designing with the EZ-USB® FX3™ Slave FIFO Interface app note to check that there are no errors. When I ran the design I am getting CYU3P_PIB_ERR_THR0_RD_UNDERRUN errors. The thing is I am not using thread 0 as the consumer is on thread 3. Anyone know why this would occur?









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          Hi Jon,


          This issue might be due to the mishandling of address lines.


          Are you driving the address lines to select the thread 3?. May be you are driving 0 on those lines and trying to read data from the thread 0. Please check.




          Sai Krishna.