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    SC/CT block first order DeltaSigma modulator

       This post is meant to distribute the first order DeltaSigma modulator component constructed from the SC/CT blocks.  This component exposes the useful DeltaSigma modulator functionality of the SC/CT blocks in an easy to use way.  Provide a clock (5 Khz to 4 Mhz), a reference (the 1.024 volt SC/CT block reference is the only suitable reference that does not require buffering) and an analog input in order to use the modulator.  The component also exposes the integrator reset for incremental mode, as well as the analog output of the integrator for educational or creative purposes.  There is currently no datasheet for the component, but all that is required is to call the _Start() API in order to use the modulator.





      The modulator has 2 input ranges.  Vref +/- 2*Vref and Vref +/- 0.5*Vref.  When using the 1.024 reference, the modulator input ranges are 0 – 3.072 volts and 0.512 – 1.536 volts.





      Rev *A: The component now correctly handles different clock sources and low voltage boost pump operation.  Please use this version.




      This component is not "complete" in the sense that it does not contain a datasheet, but since I am not sure when I will get around to generating a datasheet for this component and it has value even with a half-finished set of documentation, I am releasing it anyway.  The zip archive includes an breif description of the component and the connections, a .cycomp archive of the component, and a bundle example project.