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    Reporting minor errors, version control

      First question is, how I can report minor errors such as typos.


      I once commented on the article:




      that it should be "count++" instead of i++ under item 2.


      I got the response that I could open an issue.


      I find that strange, why should I go through a long process, as I understand the


      intention of the example, I do not care whether it is fixed or not.


      I found another trivial error in the I2C_<x>_MASTER.c file: 


      * Function Name: I2C_2_MasterReadBuf
      * Summary:
      *  Automatically writes an entire buffer of data to a slave device.


      This documentation is wrong, it is for the MasterWriteBuf function, for this one it should be


      "reads an entire buffer from the slave device" .




      Finally, one question, of how one could use version control with


      PSoC projects.


      Is there a way to represent


      the schematic and the system configuration (cydwr) has text file so that it can ve compared and tracked, e.g. with CVS?




      Currently I debug code (PSoC 3) in parallel on the development kit and the target hardware.


      As  the pins are more easily accessible on the development kit, it is useful to debug things there.


      However, pin assignments are different, so I cannot just switch the device type in the same project.


      For source code I can use WinMerge etc. to get changes between the two workspaces.


      But component configurations have to be manually done.


      Any solution for this?