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    TetraHub/FX2 enumeration on AMD USB 3.0

      I have a product (named 'DH-HT') using an FX2 device and TetraHub chip to provide a USB port for additional downstream devices. The FX2 chip is effectively downstream of its adjacent TetraHub chip. Another of these DH-HT units is connected to this additional downstream port. The DH-HTs are self-powered.


      Using Windows7-x64 and an AMD chipset.


      On the USB 2.0 ports, everything works as expected. If the upstream DH-HT is connected to the USB 3.0 port, it won't enumerate until the downstream DH-HT is switched on. A PC using the Renesas USB 3.0 chipset seems ok in the same situation.


      Is anyone aware of this problem or have a solution?

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          I think we need to reproduce the problem to find out the exact reason for that behavior.


          From your post, I understand that one DH-HT is HX2 + FX2LP.


          I think we should be able to reproduce your problem with 2 DH-HTs… right?.


          Also please let me know the host controller details where you are seeing this behavior.




          Sai Krishna.