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    Issue for drive data by modifying slavefifo example


      Hi All,


      I am trying to modify the slavefifo-sync example to meet my application.  I just want a very simple application that FX3 receive data from USB by bulk mode and send received data to P-port. I check the firmware I suppose I don't do any modify at firmare.


      Because the firmware already set up producer/consumer side and commit/transfer producer data by DMA call back function.  


      I think my gpif2 will be very simple. Just one start state and one state to do "DR_DATA".  But I test my application it says fail.It seems consumer side doesn't consume any data until buffer full and let producer can't write any data. Do I miss anything?

           Attached is my GPIF design.    
           ps.Could cypress provide more combine GPIF2 and firmware sample code?