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    New PSOC3/5 Board

      I just found out that schmartboard.com, has released a new PSOC development board priced at $25 (does not includes a PSOC) and if ordered before april 7th using a coupon it will come with a free PSOC5 with a bootloader on it.


      What makes this board unique is that it can accomodate diferent PSOC3 or PSOC5 devices (and I suspect also PSOC4s) that can be easily soldered using their EZ technology.


      The board also includes a nice bost converter, but unlike the freesoc it does not include a programmer/debuger so you will still need a miniprog or a bootloader.





      What I dont like is tha it is too wide. I would have liked if they used a blade style board.


      What do you guys think about it?

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          A balde layout also useful.




          For dip style you can get proto blocks that are also wider so more available


          female pin connection holes exposed.




          Regards, Dana.

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            The board looks quite nice, and with $25 it's rather inexpensive. But shipping is really expensive - to get this to Germany I would pay additional $37 :(

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              Just checked, $38.50 for USPS shipping to my country. yikesss.


              If I recall correctly, It used to be like $10 when I bought some QFP breakout boards from them.

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                Schmartboard sent me a sample already and I've ordered a PSoC 3 to try in it. The board is very clean and well made. I'm not sure about the logic in the pin out arrangement, but I expect all to be revealed.  And I'm about to buy a couple of the specials from their site -- the unit with a PSoC5LP for $25 bucks. (Note that on first attempt the free upgrade didn't work yet.  But the offer is good through Sunday.)


                Us developers now have a terrific tradeoff between the Schmartboard offering and the FREESOC product.  It's great to have the choice.  With the FREESOC you get the unit with a chip and bootloader installed. With the Schmartboard you get to pick your chip -- any of the 68L QFN parts including PSoC3 and, we presume, PSoC 4.  So all of a sudden it's low cost prototyping heaven.


                Anybody who is skittish about hand soldering on the Schmartboard needn't be worried.  Soldering 68 pins is a little tedious, but requires only a good quality soldering iron. I use a trusty rusty Hakko 928 with an S tip, but there are good, less expensive solutions.


                My only problem now is that I have a queue of about 15 PSoC projects I want to work...  So many IO pins... so little time.


                Here's a link to the schematic of the new Schmartboard: 

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                  the key to solder schmartboards is to use good quality flux. The chip aligns itself with the traces, apply some flux and all that is needed is to pass a tinned tip over the traces and it is done. quite easy you can't fail.

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                    When soldering SMT packages like PSOC do not put ANY force


                    on pins/solder, as pins will mnove off pad. Get some junk parts off


                    SMT off ebay, and try soldering to some boards. You may be able to


                    get reject boards from a PCB house to practice on.




                    There are some youtube videos using solder paste/flux combo, and a


                    toaster oven, for reflow, bare as well as partially populated boards.




                    Regards, Dana.

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                      Something like that actually will never happen on this PSOC Schmartboard


                      take a look at this video