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    Creator Arduino C++


      Very interesting thread -








      Regards, Dana.

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                  Yeah! very interesting. PSoC is a objective MCU, Needs more objective language, Why not to do. I was try to do use c++ on PSoC1, Because I had use c++ on the AVR. How? Change g++.exe into gcc.exe. It was success on AVR. But PSoC has a some problem for this. All user-modules was made by conventional C. So what? Stuck at linker script. I was suggest to the Cypress but answer is not good. Near future, around 2020 (hehe), We will be have a Creator with c++ A dream.   
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            Wice work by the MSU team.


            I always though, until sketches can be compiled on psoc creator, the arduino form wactor will be irelevant for PSOC as novice user and hobist wont really have the benefits of the arduino ecosystem. Porting arduino libraries is a big steep towards this.


            By the other hand, I really think that using arduino libraries on a PSOC is a waste as you wont take advantage of the features that make PSOCs so flexible.

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              Although I didn't go into the specific of porting Arduino code into PSoC Creator,  I did write a tutourial on compiling C++ in PSoC Creator called "Using C++ With PSoC Creator".