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    GPIO Settings to achieve low power consumption during sleep



      I'm currently trying to reduce power consumption during sleep mode. The current during sleep is now ~40uA which is a little too high

      to satisfy our initial requirement of 20uA. With a simpler application I achieved around 30uA which would help us.


      I noticed that I can set the GPIO pins that we use to drive LEDs as input with a pull down to achieve relatively low currents compared to leaving them floating.


      We also have a number of unconnected pins that I leave unconfigured for now, I would like to know the default configuration of those.

      Notice that I'm using gpio_configurePin() instead of whatever is provided with bleprofile_GPIOInit(). Do I have to configure them in any specific way?


      Is there any action I should take to configure the GPIO pins before allowing the sleep modus? I would assume setting them as inputs or to 0V would help, but I guess you have some guidelines for this event already.


      Would using GPIO_GLOBAL_INPUT_DISABLE help me in anyway? I couldn't find any example code but it sounds interesting.


      I'm pretty sure somebody asked this before but I couldn't find any good info with the search engine.