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    Linker wastes memory

       I am working on a project with a CY8C24123 in assembly using PSoC Designer 5.3.


      The code size is going to the limits of the memory of the CY8C24123, so I am quite concerned with memory use.


      Today I found that the linker is wasting quite a lot of my precious memory. It leaves a gap between the code coming from boot.asm and the initialisation code for the blocks. There is nothing between the boot.asm code and $0150, wasting about 200 bytes.


      I found that this memory gap is caused by a system variable called "RELSTART" that can be found in the "opts.txt" and make files. Though I have not found how I can do anything about this. Every time I change the value it gets overwritten on the next assembly run.




      BTW: It would be nice if selecting "Assembly" as the programming method all C support code gets automatically thrown out of the system generated source code.