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    sending to ezusb fx2 board from 32 bit application on 64 bit windows

      I am writing a program to communicate with a popular manufacturers lasers that have an FX2 board and ezusb.sys.


      I have no problem sending, recieving data  with our 32 bit app under Win XP 32 bit via ezusb.sys


      However the DeviceIOControl call to IOCTL_Ezusb_Get_Pipe_Info is returning strange results in Win7/Win8 64 bit.


      The call says it suceeds but returns 120 bytes in Win64 instead of 96 bytes in Win XP.


      The XP and Win 7 data is similar but differant. Its like structures and sizes of  elements have changed.


      The structure says i have millions of endpoints instead of the expected 4.


      Is it possible to communicate via ESUSB.sys on Win 64 machines to these lasers from 32 bit applications? Or can CyUsb communicate with an FX2 board?   


      Couldnt find a forum for FX2 so if this is the wrong place, i apologize in advance.