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    Global int enable

      Which register is written on calling CyGlobalIntEnable?

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          In CyLib.h you find




          #elif defined(__GNUC__)
              #define CyGlobalIntEnable           {__asm("CPSIE   i");}
              #define CyGlobalIntDisable          {__asm("CPSID   i");}





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            To elaborate on Bob's answer:


            CyGlobalIntEnable is a macro that executes the Assembly instruction "CPSIE   i", which means "Change Processor State, Interrupt Enable", and the 'i' specifies interrupt IRQs instead of other options.  This is an atomic command that writes to the "PRIMASK" (Priority Mask) register, which appears to be a 1-bit register that (as far as I can find) is not memory-addressable (can't view with the debugger).  You can read the register value using the function __get_PRIMASK().  Because it's a masking register, a value of 0 enables interrupts and 1 disables them.


            Additional details follow:


            From random person's Wordpress site (Google search):

            Cortex-M3 Interrupt/Exception Control | Embedded Freaks..

            “CPSIE I” is a assembly instruction to enable the priority configurable interrupts. Actually, it’s a shortcut to this longer procedure:

            asm volatile ("MOVS r0, #0\n\

                                 MSR PRIMASK, r0");


            MSR opcode = Move to system coprocessor register from ARM register.


            Assembler User Guide: CPS


            In  CyBootAsmRv.s 

            ; uint8 CyEnterCriticalSection(void)

            CyEnterCriticalSection FUNCTION

                EXPORT CyEnterCriticalSection

                MRS r0, PRIMASK         ; Save and return interrupt state

                CPSID I                 ; Disable interrupts

                BX lr



            From the PSoC5LP_CY8C58LP Family Datasheet:

            PRIMASK:  A 1-bit interrupt mask register. When set, it allows

            only the nonmaskable interrupt (NMI) and hard fault

            exception. All other exceptions and interrupts are



            From cmsis_armcc.h


              \brief   Get Priority Mask

              \details Returns the current state of the priority mask bit from the Priority Mask Register.

              \return               Priority Mask value


            __STATIC_INLINE uint32_t __get_PRIMASK(void)


              register uint32_t __regPriMask         __ASM("primask");