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    What is different between IOA & OEA?

       Hi i want handle PORTA of fx2lp-56pin in slave fifo mode. 


      More detail, i want make what PORTA.0 is output and PORTA.1 is input. 


      But i don't know how am i supposed to make configuration in F/W. 


      Also, could you please let me know what is different between OEA and IOA?

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          IOA and OEA are clearly explained in FX2LP TRM.


          This information is present in the TRM in page173:




          The EZ-USB has up to five 8 bit wide, bidirectional I/O ports.


          Each port is associated with a pair of registers.


          ■ An ‘OEx’ register. It sets the input/output direction of


          each of the 8 port pins (0 = input, 1 = output).


          ■ An ‘IOx’ register. Values written to IOx appear on the


          pins configured as outputs; values read from IOx indicate


          the states of the 8 pins, regardless of input/output



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             In your case:


            By default all port pins are in input state, so to chnage PA.0 to output, use




            The value you write to IOA will appear on output pin, for example to output 1 on PA.0, use