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    Uninterrupted data flow between FPGA and GPIF port.




      In my application I have a FPGA connected to the GPIF port of the FX3 device. I want to have an uninterrupted data flow between the FPGA and FX3 (data to send to the host) and I understood that I need to use two GPIF sockets  to switch between buffers without latency.


       I want :


      - use the FIFO write configuration to have the possibility to switch sockets with the A0-A1 address lines,


      - use the DMA AUTO mode to maximize throughput ,


      - only one IN end point.




       So, my questions are :


      - first of all, is that the right way ?


      - and, can I use only one channel of the DMA mechanism (and this is it that changes automatically between socket) or I have to use the DMA multi-channel mechanism to transfer data from the two GPIF sockets to my IN end point ?