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    no NRDY/ERDY generated after stream In/Out transaction by BulkStreams firmware example after upgrading SDK from 1.2.1 to 1.2.3


      After upgrading the SDK from 1.2.1 to 1.2.3, it looks like the BulkStream example firmware (1.2\firmware\basic_examples\cyfxbulkstreams) isn't responding to any In/Out transactions with NRDY/ERDY (as observed comparing the newer vs older hardware trace).  The firmware's AppThread is producing debug messages 1/second, but it's like the streams I/O is messed up.  With the same example build using the 1.2.1 SDK, it works beautifully.  In my app/driver, with the new firmware, the HCI is reporting an XACT error, which seems to be the correct thing to do if NRDY/ERDY is missing (1.2.1 firmware is OK).  I've attached screenshots of the HW analyzer trace of the working 1.2.1 firmware and the broken 1.2.3 firmware.  I scanned the source of the two files side by side, but couldn't see any obvious difference that would have a functional impact.


      Is there anyone running the BulkStream example firmware with the latest 1.2.3 SDK?