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    Configuring external interrupt INT0




      I am working on Cypress USB FX2LP controller (Cy7C68013A). I need to enable the external interrupt on INT0, as negative edge detecting. I had tried the following changes on bulkloop example on FX2LP. 




        PORTACFG = 0x03;            // PA0 and PA1 are INT0 and INT1


      TCON |= 0x05;               // Detect INT0 and INT1 on fallinfg edge


      IE  |= 0x05;    // Enable External Interrupts 0 and 1


      After adding these lines in TD_Init() of the bulkloop example, the USB device was not getting enumerated by the EZ-USB Interface tool. 


      Anyways, the enumeration works fine without these three lines of code in bulkloop example, and the device is detected as EZ-USB. 


      What is wrong with the above code ? Is there anything more needed to be added to the enumeration to happen ? 


      Thank You


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