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    implementing UVC using MT9J003

      Hi, I am having the firmware project that's supposed to work with the aptina MT9M114 sensor.  With no changes to this I have loaded this image into FX3 though what I have is an MT9J003.  While I know that this wont work, I thought this should at least have provided me with some message in the USB control center when I load the firmware.  All it gives is a blank screen with "Programming Succeeded" at the bottom.  Only after pressing reset, do I get back the "Cypress USB BootLoader" tree on the left hand side.


      As per the application note AN75779, I need to make changes in sensor_init() of sensor.c that would be specific to MT9J003.  Is it that only after these changes are done we will be able to see some output on USB control center?


      Also the application note mentions that we need to give the proper slave address in sensor.h.  As of now, it is already defined as below:


      //#define SADDR_HIGH

      #ifdef SADDR_HIGH
      #define SENSOR_ADDR_WR 0xBA
      #define SENSOR_ADDR_RD 0xBB
      #define SENSOR_ADDR_WR 0x90
      #define SENSOR_ADDR_RD 0x91


      Is this sufficient or do I need to change anything for MT9J003

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          Hi Chandar,


          If you want to use the Control Center for debugging, you have to enable "USB_DEBUG_INTERFACE" in the uvc.h and reinstall driver after downloading the UVC image. For mode details, please read page 16-19 of AN75779_001-75779_0B.pdf


          The AN75779 is example source code for 1280x720/30fps/YUV422/8bit data bus width. If you want to use MT9J003, you have to add initial setting at the SensorInit() and 1280x720/30fps setting at the SensorScaling_HD720p_30fps().


          Running for Demo,


          1. download the UVC image


          2. run VirtualDub or AMCAP


          3. Select Capture AVI...


          4. Select FX3(DirectShow) 


          For more details, please read page 20-22 of AN75779_001-75779_0B.pdf.

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            Thanks.  This worked (including this in the uvc.h).  However I am still having difficulty in getting the video through - probably my sensor initialization values are not appropriate for the MT9J003.  Will try to figure out correct initialization params.