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    What Version Of Regex Does PSoC Creator Find/Replace Use?

       I am trying to use the "Use: Regular Expressions" option in the Find/Replace window to help find strings. 




      However, when trying to use "negative lookbehind" to exclude certain words if they are preceded by a certain string (which is really helpful to prevent recursive find-replace when only adding/subtracting onto the start/end of a string (e.g. replacing "Test" with "ATest", and then the find/replace trying to replace the "Test" in "ATest" with "ATest" again, giving the erranous "AATest").




      When I try "(?<!A)Test" (which means find every "Test" that isn't preceded by an "A"), I get the error "The given expression is invaid". However, this works fine in the online regex sandbox's (e.g. http://regex.powertoy.org/).




      I was just wondering if anyone knew what version of Regex PSoC Creator uses?